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Providing a kaladiscope of insightful neurodiverse content

Exceptional Resources, Inc. and UnitusTI Therapy Intelligence are proud to offer new services through a partnership that brings the best of both worlds enhancing resources for the neurodiverse and autism community.

Since 2003, Exceptional Resources, Inc. has been a leading provider of autism resources, information, and programs for the neurodiverse and autism community and  UnitusTI is a cloud-based technology solutions provider specializing in serving neurodiverse populations with therapy programs for use by school districts and clinics.

Through this partnership, both organizations work together to increase and improve the availability of knowledge, programs, and treatment options for use in the autism, special needs, and neurodiverse community. By bringing together their respective expertise and resources, they aim to provide more comprehensive and effective support to individuals and families affected by neurodiverse conditions.

This partnership will aims to improve the quality of resources and programs for the community at large and globally broaden access to these services, ensuring that more individuals and families can benefit from the support and assistance they need.

Our highly qualified, selected authors can create therapy programs with ease, knowing that our platform generates security, program status, progress reports, and charts as needed. Once programs are published, subscribers can use them in therapy treatments in school districts, clinics, NGO’s, organizations, and therapy centers.

Our cloud-based platform is designed to be HIPAA, FERPA, and GDPR compliant, ensuring that your data is secure and private. This means that you can confidently share your therapy programs with subscribers around the world, knowing that their privacy and confidentiality are protected.

Our platform is accessible from any device or operational environment, including Windows, Apple, iOS, Linux, Android, and more. This flexibility ensures that your subscribers can access your therapy programs from any device, anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re an academic or subject matter expert looking to publish therapy programs for neurodiverse and special needs populations, look no further than our platform.   With our suite of services and commitment to security and privacy, we are the ideal platform for publishing and sharing your programs with over 118 countries in the world.

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